Parlez maintenant de vous!

A family story

The first years

In 1980 Micheline and Benoit Bilodeau acquire a plot of land (an acreage) for the purpose of growing Quebecers' favorite fruit:  the apple!

With the assistance of their daughter Josée and son Claude, they plant a grove of dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees in the same year (1980). 

The orchard would cover six hectares and number more than three thousand trees producing at least ten varieties of apples.

Since 1985, in the fall season, the majority of the apple yield is sold using the U-pick method.

A big turn

In 1995, a building is constructed for the transformation of the apples and the production of ciders.  Here we find the kitchen, the press room, the fermentation room, the refrigerated room and the sales kiosk.  Following this construction, an apple pressing service is offered to the pomologists of Orleans Island.

Also in the fall of the same year (1995), the enterprise creates an innovation - the first cider house on Orleans Island.  They would unanimously agree to elaborate their first ciders.  Since this time, the family has made much progress and now offers a large variety of ciders:  ice ciders and derivatives of which they hold great pride.  In 1997 the marketing of ciders and cider vinegar would begin.


It is with great determination and enthusiasm that Claude and Sandra arrive at work each morning.  Their sincere wish is that their three children will, in turn, have a love of the land and that they also will innovate as their parents and grandparents have done and still do today.  This is a passion they hope will be shared generation after generation.

THE BILODEAU, enthusiasts

No doubt they will communicate their enthusiasm to you and that you will leave
with the taste of earth in mind and a tasty taste of apple on the palate.


Over the years, he and his spouse develop new products such as apple butter, jellies, mustards, maple products and other ciders that would win gold and silver medals.  These novelties have brought about better exposure and profits to the family enterprise, which expands year after year.